League Starts September 30th

Coming this Fall, starting September 30th-more detailed rules as teams sign up.  

We will be running at least one (preferably more) fitness LEAGUES. 

1. Leagues will be run in Wolverine and Tiger for our first run. Teams will be 2 women OR 2 men

2. Each week you will battle another team in 3 fitness challenges 

3. The league will be six weeks long and the team with the best record at the end of the league will be the winner and get a sick prize!

4. Cost is $100 per team and anyone who signs up for the LEAGUE will get one free entry into Team Beast Wars. 

**if we get enough teams, there will be a PLAYOFF at Toro Training TBA

***If I get enough interest, I will run Beast and Grizzly Leagues. 

@2017 by Toro Training

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